1-to-2 RF Switch manual

This switch allows you to switch 2 RF signals to one common port. In addition, you can switch two other signals, for example PTT and ALC. For this purpose there is a double switch with RCA connectors. The switch comes in two varieties - in the first the unused ports are grounded, in the second they are connected to 50 Ohm resistors.

The switch can transmit RF power up to 4kW. It also features very high isolation, over 100dB at frequencies below 30MHz.

The switch can be used to switch one TRX to two PAs (e.g. HF and 6m or another HF monobander and multiband PA), also to switch two TRXs to one PA etc.

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Product details


- Two TRX to one PA
- Two PA to one TRX
- Middle switch between another switches (6-to-2)
- Switch for triplexes (version with dummy loads)

Two TRX to one PA (antenna)

1-2 rf switch two tax to one pa qro.cz hamparts.shop

Two PA to one TRX

For example, if you have two PAs where one is monoband and the other is multiband. Alternatively, two monobanda PAs etc.

1-2 rf switch two pa to one trx qro.cz hamparts.shop

Switching between triplexers outputs

xample where you need to switch filters or triplexers, where the disconnected port needs a 50 Ohm dummy load for better parameters. Don't forget to properly calculate the power and isolations (filter and antennas) to avoid overloading the internal resistance in the switch. More here on the page.

1-2 rf switch switching between triplexer ouptuts qro.cz hamparts.shop


- Frequency range DC-50 MHz
- Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
- Low insertion loss
- Very high isolation > 100 dB to 30 MHz
- Control voltage DC 12.5 to 14V
- Control current up to 0.3A
- Two RCA switches 1A 30V DC
- Unused port grounded or 50 Ohm
- Power rating DC to 30 MHz



In this version, unused ports are connected to ground - shorted. Without control voltage, both ports are grounded.


In this version, the unused ports are connected to an internal 50 Ohm resistor. Without control voltage, both ports 1 and 2 are connected to this resistor.

The internal 50 Ohm resistor is a 100W chip. However, it does not include cooling. The possible load is 100W peak for 2 seconds. In a 50:50 ratio, the resistor can be loaded with 5W of RF power.

1-2 rf switch comparison two versions (dummy load and short) qro.cz hamparts.shop

DUMMY LOAD - power loading

In the version of the switch with internal dummy load (DUMMY LOAD) there are two 50 Ohm resistors with a maximum load of 100W. But the switch does not include cooling. Therefore, it is not possible to supply this power to the resistors for a long time. It would destroy the switch.

The power load is as follows:

- 100W RF power for a maximum of 2 seconds
- With a 50:50 ratio, the resistor can be loaded with 5W of RF power

I recommend a good measurement on your setup. If you have a 2-port VNA, you can measure isolation between antennas, between bands, etc. If using a triplexer and internal dummy load, measure the triplexer isolation between bands. At 1kW of power it should be better than 30dB. The problem can also occur if you have multiple antennas on one band and the transmitted signal is returning from one antenna to another. Isolation should again be better than 25dB.


The switch contains a green connector for connecting control voltages. The common port is GND. You can then choose how to control the switch. Without control voltages connected, no port (1 or 2) is connected to the Common port. Depending on the variant, ports 1 and 2 are connected either to ground or to a 50 Ohm dummy load.

Control is possible in two ways:

1. By applying a voltage to the appropriate port 1 or 2
- TOP part of the connector in the picture
- Apply a voltage of 12.5 to 14V DC to PORT 1 or PORT 2
- Voltage is applied against port GND - the middle pin on the connector
- this is where the First Win function works

2. Switching without the first win function
- BOTTOM of the connector
- by supplying 12.5 to 14V DC to port 13.8V, PORT 1 is activated
- applying 8 to 14V DC to PORT 2 switches to PORT 2

1-2 rf switch control options qro.cz hamparts.shop


Isolation Port 1 to Common

measurement 1-2 rf switch qro.cz hamparts.shop

S21 matching Port 1 to common

1-2 rf switch measurement qro.cz hamparts.shop

Product details

Included in package

Switch assembled and tested

Box dimensions (mm) 200x100x60 - al box with holders
Weight brutto (kg) 0.61 kg


Ing. Jan Šustr
ID 05476356, VAT CZ8407024780
Palachova 1777/7, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic, Europe

General instructions:

Please also read general instructions before handling the product.

European Union Declaration of Conformity

Manufacturer Ing. Jan Šustr (QRO.cz):

ID 05476356, VAT CZ8407024780
Palachova 1777/7, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic, Europe

declares that the assembled product:


is compatible with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation directives:
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
ČSN EN 61000-6-3 ed. 2
ČSN EN 61000-6-1 ed. 2 (333432)

On behalf of Ing. Jan Šustr (QRO.cz)
Ing. Jan Šustr, CEO
28th June 2024

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