OLI IP 16 manual

This is manual page for OLI IP 16 controller. This box is directly designed for our K9AY++/4-WAY beverage system and also 7ANT switch controller.

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Front panel description
Rear panel description
Connection and connectors description

Jumper settings

Remote control
UI examples
QUICK setup

Product details

Front panel description

old ip 16 description front panel qro.cz hamparts.shop

1. LED - Status LED

- PTT - PTT information
- ON - controller is ON

Rear panel description

oli ip 16 controller description rear panel qro.cz hamparts.shop

1. LAN

- 10/100 Mbit LAN with DHCP

2. USB

- USB port for FW upload

3. DB25 female

- outputs + PTT + DC input


- Universal 16 outputs with + voltage or GND outputs
with + voltage outputs (TBD drivers)
- Output current:
max. 500mA per output, 700 mA total
- Input voltage max. 24 V DC, 1 A
- Voltage drop for TBD driver typ. 0.2 V for +12 V input and 0.7 V including fuse
- Voltage drop for ULN driver typ. 0.8 V fro +12 V input
- Output voltage for positive driver is input voltage minus abt 0.7 V
- LED indication:
ON and PTT
- LAN 10/100 MBit with filter and protection
- ONLY DHCP IP address - not static

Connection and connectors description

There is DB25 female connector with PTT in, power supply and output pins. This controller could have positive or negative output drivers. It means - when PIN is switched remotely ON, the supply voltage is switched to this output PIN (for positive driver TBD) or switched to ground (for negative driver ULN). There is also internal electronic fuse (short protection).

You can directly connect any of your devices, relays, preamp etc. Output pins could work as simply ON/OFF switch and also could be grouped together in 1-of-X. PTT IN could work as a hot switch protection - disable switching while PTT is in transmitting mode.

PIN description

oli ip 16 connector db25 female qro.cz hamparts.shop

Jumper settings

There is one group of jumpers. These jumpers must be set to right position. This depends on output drivers. Could be positive TBD (DEFAULT configuration) or negative ULN.

oli ip 16 jumper settings qro.cz hamparts.shop

oli ip 16 relay connection qro.cz hamparts.shop

Remote Control

OLI IP 16 could be controlled by the three basic ways. If you want to know more about REMOTE SYSTEM, please read our technical articles.

remote control options qro.cz hamparts.shop

1. CLASSIC User Interface (UI)

- There are UI with the similar look as the HW controllers. You can use this web page UI to control outputs by clicking on buttons, you can change labels, colour, font size etc.


- This is UI with automatically generated beam map from your location. There are preconfigured templates for different HW (K9AY, 7ANT, 4SQ, 8 Circle etc.). You can change antenna (port) direction, antenna beam width, colours etc.


- You can use your own code, NodeRed, Stream Deck etc. Please, contact us for API details.

UI examples

ui example beam map qro.cz hamparts.shop

ui example 16 outputs qro.cz hamparts.shop

QUICK setup

Mike DM5XX has prepared Entry Point and Easy Assistant pages. This is the best way to go, see all possibilities of our UIs.
Please, start with ENTRY POINT manual page
QUICK UI setup link is there: EASY ASSIST
Please, follow our YouTube channel

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend a VPN while using remote access from outside your network in general.

Product details

Included in package

Controller assembled and tested
DB25 male connector with cover
2pcs ULN drivers - image

Box dimensions (mm) 75x85x48 mm - al box
Weight brutto (kg) 0.25 kg


Ing. Jan Šustr
ID 05476356, VAT CZ8407024780
Palachova 1777/7, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic, Europe

General instructions:

Please also read general instructions before handling the product.

European Union Declaration of Conformity

Manufacturer Ing. Jan Šustr (QRO.cz):

ID 05476356, VAT CZ8407024780
Palachova 1777/7, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic, Europe

declares that the assembled product:


is compatible with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation directives:
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
ČSN EN 61000-6-3 ed. 2
ČSN EN 61000-6-1 ed. 2 (333432)

On behalf of Ing. Jan Šustr (QRO.cz)
Ing. Jan Šustr, CEO
14th June 2023

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