Bi-Directional beverage CLASSIC antenna 1 coax output

This one coax output beverage antenna has got internal relay for direction switching.

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98.01 €
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  • F
  • PL
  • 150Ω
  • 450Ω
  • two wires
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There are two beverage antennas receiving in opposing directions to share the same space. That provides one of the least expensive and most reliable ways to improve DX capabilities on the low frequencies. The transformer at the end of the beverage is designed to match impedance of the antenna. A two-wire bi-directional beverage requires the antenna element to operate a balanced transmission line. The parallel wire line used to construct the antenna must be excited under near-perfect balanced transmission line conditions.


  • Low band receiving antenna
  • For LF, MF and HF SWL
  • Lower noise, better directivity
  • Can be part of phased array

Main functions

  • Broadband 0.2 to 30 MHz (optimal 0.2 to 14 MHz)
  • Bi-directional (reversible) beverage antenna
  • Low noise
  • Very good F/B ratio
  • Twinlead or open wire line
  • Classic construction - antenna in the air
  • 50/75 Ohm feed line version
  • Isolated ground to prevent common-mode noise
  • Common-mode coax choke at output included
  • Switchable direction by positive voltage (+ 12V or AC)
  • Electrostatic and HV protection with neon lamps (> 65V AC)
  • High power protection
  • Stainless screws and nuts
  • High quality connectors
  • IP56 boxes - recommended to protect it against water
  • Feeder size 100x100 mm
  • Terminator size 64x58 mm


  • Feed line impedance 50 or 75 Ohm - version depends on order
  • Antenna impedance - assembled version: 75, 150, 450, 600 (two wires) Ohms
  • Common-mode choke isolation more than 30 dB
  • Antenna element in the AIR
  • One coax output with internal relay switch in feeder
  • Direction switch needs + 12V / 0.1 A (or AC 12V) - switching by positive voltage
  • ANT reception: REVERSE direction with 0 V, STRAIGHT with +12 V

Available as

KIT: all parts + PCBs and IP56 boxes - KIT VERSION
Connectors: PL SO-239 or F
PCB: only PCBs

Included in package

Bi-directional box assembled and tested
Bi-directional terminator assembled and tested


If you want to know more please check our wiki with Bi-Directional beverage antenna 1 coax output manual.

version with PL SO-239 connector

bi-dir beverage classic version assembled pl qro.cz hamparts.shop

version with F connector

bi-dir beverage classic version assembled f qro.cz hamparts.shop

assembled version of terminator

bi-dir beverage classic version terminator qro.cz hamparts.shop

bi-dir beverage classic version 1 coax output principle by qro.cz hamparts.shop

construction of bi-directional rx antenna by qro.cz hamparts.shop

example with 4-way Bi-Dir beverage and Bias Tee Box

bi-dir beverage with bias tee and 4-way beverage antenna pl qro.cz hamparts.shop

example with Bias Tee Box

bi-dir beverage with bias tee qro.cz hamparts.shop

example with Bias Tee Box and Preamp Box

bi-dir beverage with bias tee and preamp box qro.cz hamparts.shop

recommendations to buy rx audite sdr splitter switch by qro.cz hamparts.shop

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Product Details

Data sheet

in enclosure
both 50 & 75 Ohm
front-end protection
frequency range
0.2 MHz to 30 MHz
product dimensions
65x58x35 mm - PU box IP56
100x100x50 mm - PU box IP56
PCB dimensions
50x33 mm
95x40 mm
product weight (brutto)
0.47 (F), 0.49 (PL) kg
package dimensions
18.5x14x10.5 cm

Specific References

transformer winding
simply calculation file of transformer winding
Download (438.83KB)
bi-dir coax article
article about bi-directional beverage antenna by ZL3IX
Download (2.59MB)
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