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Band Data BCD splitter board with more features

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This is a universal Band Data BCD splitter board. This powerful board splits one 4-bit BCD input into two outputs. Thanks to the optocouplers, the split is separate and protects the source (TRX) from the peripherals (PA, BPF filter switch, band decoder, BCD-to-16 etc). The input is designed for a wide input voltage range. The board also includes Hot Switch protection - when a PTT signal is connected, the output state is latched and even if the input BCD data is changed, the output remains set until the PTT is interrupted (from TX to RX).

All three ports contain Pull-Up resistors. These can be connected using the Jumper. These resistors are important if the source of the BCD data is a device with an "Open Collector" - see more in the Manual. Likewise, the outputs can be Open Collector only, but can also output HIGH values with a 12V level across the resistor.

The board contains LED indication for input and output 4-bits of BCD data and PTT LED. The output "open collector" outputs are with power FET transistors and can switch higher current compared to BCD outputs on TRX, PA, Microham, etc.


  • Universal 4-bit BCD splitter
  • Optocoupler protection for TRX
  • Compatible with YAESU BCD data
  • Splitter from one BCD to more peripherals
  • PTT hot switch protection

Main functions

  • 4-bit BCD data input to two outputs
  • Simply input RFI filter
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Pull-UPs for open collector
  • Input controlled by LOW (open collector)
  • Input controlled by HIGH (3 to 15V)
  • YAESU BCD data compatible
  • Two outputs with FET
  • Pull-UPs for outputs
  • Designed for our BCD-to-DEC and 16
  • PTT hot switch protection more How to control the board
  • LED indications


  • 4-bit BCD logic
  • See manual: How to control the board
  • Supply current up to 60mA @ 13.8V
  • Input needs HIGH logic control
  • For Open Collector - Pull-UP must be set
  • Input current for LOW control typ. 5.5mA
  • HIGH control range 5 to 14.5V
  • HIGH control when 13.8V connected:
  • 1.8mA @ 3V, 3.7mA @ 5V, 10mA @ 12V
  • Direct HIGH control, no 13.8V connected:
  • 10mA @ 5V, 21mA @ 8V, 41mA @ 12V 1bit
  • PTT hot switch: LOW = transmitting
  • PTT current typ. 11mA
  • Outputs FET max. 1A DC 24V
  • Output Pull-UP resistor 2k2 from 12V
  • PCB size 140x63 mm

Available as

ASSEMBLED: ready to use


Included in package

BCD splitter board assembled and tested


If you want to know more please check our wiki with BCD splitter manual.

ATTENTION! The input and output Pull-Up resistors are connected from the board supply voltage. Therefore, if the board is powered at 13.8V, this voltage is applied across the resistors (2k2) to the appropriate pin. If the BCD output were connected to a device with 5V TTL logic, the connected device could be damaged!

BCD splitter 4-bit converter decoder assembled qro.cz hamparts.shop

BCD splitter version by qro.cz hamparts.shop

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Product Details

Data sheet

pcb module
front-end protection
input and output
PCB dimensions
140x63 mm
product weight (brutto)
0.11 kg
package dimensions
14.5x9.5x9.5 cm
Overall rating
1 Review
Ciao Jan!
All work fine!!!!!!!!!!!
Using my amplifier with 1kW non problems!!!
Perfet band control!
Is stable and fine!
Thank you so much!
IZ7KHR love my BCD Splitter !!!

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