LAN PRO-FIL 100Mbit protection

100Mbit LAN and PoE RFI filter and protection

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LAN is now an integral part of every QTH. It is used not only to connect the home LAN, PC, TRX, etc., but also to connect outdoor equipment - wireless internet, IP relays, rotators, etc. It is these outdoor installations that pose an increased risk of pulling surges into the indoor network. Another common problem is unwanted RF emissions from the LAN cable due to cheap LAN elements (WiFi), or TX signal intrusion into the LAN and interference with communications. Many of these problems can be avoided with our LAN PRO-FIL board.

Functional description

It is a 100 Mbit RFI filter consisting of two LAN transformers. These act as galvanic isolation and also provide common mode rejection (CMCC). CMCC improves the symmetry of the data pairs and thus the characteristics of the line - due to the swarm, the RF signal radiation from the cable is reduced and also the induction of the surrounding RF signal into the cable (nearby antennas). A high voltage protector is inserted between the transformers to divert surges from the lines.

In addition, the RJ45 connector labelled OUTSIDE contains surge discharge tubes (GDT) to discharge high voltage directly at the connector. These GDTs are connected from all conductors to a common ground screw (GROUND ME! Screw).

This protection board also contains Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) circuitry - that is, power to the unit via the LAN cable. This is the standard for passive PoE on wires 4, 5, 7 and 8. The PoE circuitry includes multiple surge protectors, reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection. There are also several LC filters against RFI. Protection includes two differential filters and one common mode filter. PoE can be pass-through - between RJ45 connectors, it can act as a PoE injector, but also as a PoE splitter (jumper settings). So you can use these two boards to send DC power over a 100Mbit LAN cable and take advantage of all the protection.

You can use this board on only one side - for example, as a PoE injector and LAN protection for powering Wireless AP/client devices on the mast - but you will only protect one side. Another option is to use two boards between the end devices on the LAN.

CAUTION, IMPORTANT!: This board is unlikely to protect your equipment from being destroyed by a direct lightning strike. Minimising the effects of lightning is a more complex problem and requires a more comprehensive approach.

This board is designed to provide surge suppression and additional protection for indoor equipment. If more energy is discharged, this board may be damaged - shorting out the protection element.


  • LAN 100Mbit HV protection board
  • RFI LAN + PoE filter
  • PoE injector/splitter
  • PoE protection
  • Surge arrester

Main functions

  • 100Mbit LAN high voltage protection
  • LAN RFI filter
  • PoE injector/splitter
  • PoE filter/protection
  • Surge arrester
  • DIN rail holders (2 pieces) included


  • 100Mbit Full duplex
  • RJ45 LAN connectors
  • LAN isolation + HV protection
  • PoE DC max. 60V 1A
  • PoE passive at wires 4, 5, 7, 8
  • 4+5 = + DC; 7+8 = - DC
  • PoE standard 802.3af
  • HV protections 75V GDT
  • Differential and common-mode filters
  • PoE pass IN - OUT
  • PoE injector/splitter
  • Surge arrester
  • DIN rail holders included
  • PCB size 50x65 mm

Available as

ASSEMBLED: ready to use

Included in package

LAN PRO-FIL board assembled and tested
DIN rail holders 2 pieces - image


If you want to know more please check our wiki with LAN PRO-FIL 100Mbit protection manual.

NOTE: For proper operation of the protectors, the grounding screw (GROUND ME!) must be connected to a quality grounding point. The connection must be made with the shortest and thickest wire as possible.

LAN pro-fil protection board assembled by qro.cz hamparts.shop

LAN pro-fil protection board assembled by qro.cz hamparts.shop

lan pro-fil protection board location construction by qro.cz hamparts.shop

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pcb module
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