Information regarding the right of defective performance is contained in the Terms and Conditions document. On this page you will find more information about warranty and after-sale service.

On receipt, you have to check the condition of the parcel (number of packages, intactness or damage of the packaging, etc.). Likewise, on the day of receipt, check the completeness of the goods and whether the parcel contains what is should. If not, please inform us immediately of this situation.

Warranty period

two years - valid for consumer buyers worldwide
one year
- valid for a business buyer

2 years warranty

The warranty period starts from the dat of receipt of the goods. In the event of a claim being settled by way of exchange or provision of a replacement part, the new time limit does not run, but the original one continues. After the claim has been settled by repair or replacement, the warranty of the goods is extended for the duration of the claim (from the day after the claim is made until the day on which the buyer is informed of the settlement).

For products purchased as kits (kits, accessories, parts), the warranty applies only to each part separately. For assembled products, the warranty also covers the complete device. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear due to the use of the goods for their intended purpose.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

- improper assembly procedures,
- wear and tear caused by normal use of the goods for their intended purpose,
- improper handling or maintenance,
- long-term neglect of maintenance,
- use in unsuitable conditions (in particular climatic conditions, dust, temperature, humidity, etc.),
- natural elements or force majeure,
- mechanical damage,
- electrical surges,
- improper installation, handling or operation,
- modification or intervention by the purchaser (or a person authorised by the purchaser).

Application of warranty

The basis of any warranty claim is two-way communication to ensure that it proceeds smoothly and does not prolong the time required to deal with the situation. Although we prefer direct communication via our email address, you may also contact the online dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ with any complaints.

What should I prepare to invoke the guarantee?

invoice number - always quote this nemnber as it is unique identifier that allows us to identify a specific purchase most easily 
product specification
 - the name of the goods (you can find it on the invoice)
product serial number - if the goods have one, please quote it
brief description of the problem
 - please briefly state what the problem is, you can also send documentation in the form of photos or a short video

invoice number
product name
serial number
photo or video

There may be several reasons for returning the goods. To help you find your way around, here are the most common ones. It may be that you don't like the product or it doesn't fit with other picls in your hamshack, you chose a different variant, you wanted the product in a box or with a different connector and you inadvertently ordered another one. Or the item doesn't work the way you want it to, or something is missing from the shipment. Everything has a solution! Follow the instructions for each reasons or write to us, we will be happy to help you.

What is wrong with the goods?

Before proceeding, prepare everything you will need. This will be the invoice and its number (this document can be found in email), the name of the goods and their serial number (also indicated in the sent invoice and physically on the goods and their packaging).

Another important point is the description of the problem, if we have sent you another product by mistake, explaining it will be easier than if the product is not working or you are struggling with its settings. If you are unable to set up the product or incorporate other devices into your system, we recommend reading the manual for the product, sitting down with and trying again. If none of the above has helped you, we recommend contacting us.

All products are tested, so it would be a shame to send back a working product without communication and wait for a new and identical one to be sent (if the problem is in the wiring, it will unfortunately not be solved by sending a new piece). Simply put, manuals are a good partner, if they don't help you, then drop us a line and we'll sort it out together!

I don't like the goods or they don't suit me

Your package has arrived and you can't wait to unwrap it and enjoy your new toy. We all know it, it can happen that you don't like the item, despite the photos and dimensions you imagined it differently. Or you ordered it without reading the instructions and suddenly found it had a different connector or didn't connect the way you thought.

Anything can happen and the item doesn't suit you for some reason. How to proceed? We have written a brief procedure below according to the most common questions!

If the goods do not suit you, please pack them carefully in the original packaging, fill in and attach the withdrawal from the purchase contract and send it back to us: Ing. Jan Šustr, Brněnská 326/34, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic.

Of course, unpacking the goods, inspection and brief testing is possible. You just need to be careful about wear and tear or damage to the goods. In order to return the goods, they must be undamaged, unscratched, unwritten, etc.

If the returned goods are damaged, worn or they show signs of use, you will be charged a depreciation fee.

This is possible. If you have ordered more that one item, you do not have to return the entire shipment, but only the item you want to return.

This does not apply if you want to keep the accessories, for example. Or if you ordered a set of goods and only want to return part of this set.

Although the original packaging is not the subject of the purchase, we still ask you to send them in their original packaging, including any fillers. These will prevent damage to the goods.

Without sending the original packaging of the goods, you run the risk of being charged for the costs involved in re-marketing the goods. These coast are always individually assessed and may be added to the amount of the returned goods.

The shipment should contain undamaged returned goods in their original packaging and including accessories and the withdrawal from the purchase contract.

Please pack the goods carefully to prevent damage during transit.

Send the goods to the address of the establishment: Ing. Jan Šustr, Brněnská 326/34, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic.

We will send the money within 14 days of withdrawal from the purchase contract. However, not before the returned goods have been delivered to us and inspected.

You are responsible for the postage costs for sending it back to us.

These are goods that have been made or modified according to your wishes. If you require a different set of connectors, a different print or a complete custom manufacture.

Goods not working

All of our assembled products are tested and functional. It is possible that damage has occurred during shipment to you or through unprofessional intervention.

If you are unable to set up the item or incorporate other devices into your system, we recommend reading the manual first. If this does not help, plese contact us.

If the goods are really damaged or non-functional, please follow the points below.

If the item is damaged or has stopped working, please contact us and we will work together to find a solution. It may be that it is an easily fixable problem that can be solved by you with our online support.

If it is a bigger problem, please pack the goods carefully, fill in and enclose complaint form and send it back to  us at: Ing. Jan Šustr, Brněnská 326/34, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic.

If you are a consumer buyer, the warranty period is 2 years. If you purchased as a business, the warranty lasts for 1 year. This period runs from the date of receipt of the shipment.

If the goods have been damaged and the warranty period has expired, or if they have been damaged by improper handling, etc., you can use our after-sale service.

For this service, communication will be essential, as each of the possible problems is different and the repair is differently challenging, so it is not possible to set a uniform price list.

In the case of a consumer buyer, the complaint must be settled without undue delay, within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed. The time required for a professional assessment of the defect must also be taken into account.

In the case of an entrepreneur, the complaint must be decided within 40 days of its submission.

The shipment should contain the goods including accessories and a completed complaint form including a description of the problem (you can also use a video or photos sent by email).

Please pack the goods carefully before shipping.

Send the goods to the address of the establishment: Ing. Jan Šustr, Brněnská 326/34, 591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech republic.

The warranty does not cover, for example, damage caused by improper assembly procurers, wear and tear from normal use, improper handling, maintenance or intervention, use in unsuitable conditions (climatic conditions, dust, temperature, humidity, etc.), electrical surges, mechanical damage etc.

Goods are different than I ordered

Did you receive a different item in your shipment than you wanted? If so, we are very sorry of this inconvenience.

Please check your invoice and order. If the product is indeed different, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with a solution!

We are very sorry for this inconvenience. First of all, please contact us, send us the invoice number (you can find it in your email inbox) and ideally a photo of the goods you received that you did not order. Together we will find a solution that suits both parties.

I'm missing something in the shipment

It may happen that an item, accessory or part of an item is missing from your shipment. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Please check your shipment again, especially with accessories we often find that customers overlook them or even throw them away with the box fillers.

If you have not discovered anything on the second attempt, please take a photo of the parcel including the mailing label. Since each item is weighed, we can easily determine if everything in the shipment was sent as it should have been. Contact us and we will arrange a solution!


In the event that the warranty period has expired and there is a problem with the goods or if there is damage that is not covered by the warranty, it is possible to use the after-sales service.

Important information is that this service is chargeable and each such service is treated individually. Each product is different, each of the possible problems is also different, therefore it is not possible to establish a uniform price list. The price estimate will be made on the basis of documentation (photos, video) and will be refined on the basis of physical examination.


Most important of all in this case is communication. First of all, contact us at our email address. We welcome a description of the problem ideally with additional documentation such as photos or video. We will first need to assess what service will need to be performed. Each case will be assessed and dealt with individually. If from the documentations given we can determine what work will be necessary, we will provide a price estimate. Based on this, you will be able to judge whether the price of the service is acceptable to you or whether you decide to purchase new goods.

What to expect:

- communication - description of the problem, photos, videos, etc.,
- time - for communication, sending the goods, finding the problem, repairing and sending the goods back to you,
- cost - this is a paid service, you pay for the cost of the service itself, including any replacement parts and spare parts, as well as the cost of transport to us and the return journey to you,
- price estimate - based on the information and documentation sent, only an estimate of the price is provided, the total price will be specified after physical examination of the goods.

What should I prepare?

invoice number - a unique identifier, on the basis of which we can most easily identify a specific purchase 
product specification
 - the name of the goods  that (you can find it on the invoice)
description of the problem
 - description of the problem including documentation in the form of photos and video





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