We use an automatic calculator for freight charges. Many factors can affect the availability of each service - the items in your cart, their weight, size, price and destination. Therefore, it is not possible to determine and standardise prices.

The best way to determinate shipping charges is to create an account, fill in your shipping address and start adding items to your cart. If you have a shipping address saved, you will see the shipping charges in your cart.

We use several shipping companies for shipping. We ship worldwide, but it may be that, combined with the delivery area, order price, dimensions and weight of the shipment, none of the offered carriers will meet the conditions. In addition, current conditions, pandemics, restrictions or war conflicts play a role.

If it happens that no delivery option appears, please contact us and we will offer you a customised shipping quote. Use the same procedure if you are interested in express delivery.

Although we ship with the carrier you have selected in your order, it may happen that due to the transport capacity the shipment will be delivered by another shipping company. This is rare and unfortunately beyond our control.

Examples of freight charges

EU* Outside EU*

small postal parcel up to 2 kg and up to 120 cm length

from 4.5 € from 4.7 € 
priority postal parcel up to 10 kg from 9.4 € from 18.8 €
delivery to pick-up points up to 10 kg and up to 120cm length from 3.2 € from 8.8 €

* all this prices are without VAT, prices depending on destination and weight


Have you ordered on our website and can't wait to incorporate the new product into your ham shack? Are you pressed for time because the contest is coming up? Whatever the reason, one thing is clear - we all need to know where the shipment is right now and if it's close to delivery.

If you have any additional questions or need more information, please contact your chosen carrier - the shipment is no longer with us, so we cannot give you more information, but the carrier can.

Where is my shipment?

It's one of the most common questions after ordering an item, so we decided to add a third-party widget to our site to easily help you with this.

Simply enter the tracking number of your shipment in the box below, without spaces and with all its letters and numbers. The tracking number you can find in the invoice sent to you. You can see a picture of a sample invoice to help you find the tracking number.

example: Z4933981659 or RR952066758CZ
If the tracking number starts with the letter Z and the carrier is not automatically assigned, "Packeta" must be selected from the list of carriers.

Where can I find the tracking number?

You will receive the tracking number in the invoice sent to you. Invoices are sent on the day of dispatch. If you do not have an invoice, please check your spam folder in your email inbox.

The tracking number can be found in the invoice under the phrase "order tracking number". See below for a sample invoice where the number is highlighted.





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